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Beginner Cricut Series: Tools and Materials to Get You Started!

By Laura Lambert

Beginner Cricut Series tools and materials to get started with cricut for beginners by itslauralambert.

Did You Just Get a New Cricut?

Starting out with a new Cricut can be scary! As a beginner Cricut user, it can feel like there is so much to know and learn, and honestly it can be really confusing! One of the most common comments I get on my videos is, “my Cricut is still in the box and I’m too overwhelmed to even open it!”

I get it! When I started as a beginner Cricut user, I watched hours of Youtube videos…and rewatched them…and rewatched them again. I felt like I had to learn the same things over and over until they finally stuck in my head. But now, I want to help you!

One thing that would have been super helpful was a list of all the things I would need to get started effectively. So, I’m here to compile that for you!

Then, if you want to hop over to Tiktok, I have a beginner Cricut video series that you can follow along with to finally get that Cricut out of the box, calibrate it, and make your first few projects.

Must Have Cricut Tools

1. A Cricut Machine!

If you’re reading this, you probably already have a Cricut machine. That’s why you’re here! If you’re still hunting for a Cricut though, I’d recommend either the Explore 3 or the Maker 3. The difference between the two largely depends on what kind of materials you want to cut but, to keep it short, the Explore 3 is more than suitable for most beginner Cricut users. If you want to do more advanced projects like engraving and embossing, look into the Maker 3!

2. Basic Tools Set

There are a few options for this. I personally have the Cricut brand set, but I’ve heard great things about the Corey-z set as well if you want to save a few dollars. Both are great and you can’t go wrong here! These will get you through most any project you want to tackle.

3. Cricut Mats

If you’re machine didn’t come with a Cricut mat, you’re definitely going to want to grab one. I like this 2-pack because it allows me to have one set aside at any given time in case I get one dirty or mess up a project on one. These can easily be cleaned and reused, but sometimes I don’t want to worry about that mid-project. The regular grip green ones should be great for most projects. Later on, you may want to branch out to the purple StrongGrip mats or the blue LightGrip mats. For beginner Cricut projects, green will be great to get you started!

4. Heat Press (Optional)

Ok, let’s talk about heat presses for a moment. I use mine constantly and LOVE it, so I’m a huge proponent of them. But, if you don’t think you’ll be using heat transfer vinyl a lot (this is the type of vinyl you would use to adhere designs to shirts, totes, and any other fabric-based surface), than this may not be a good investment for you right now. You can get by with a regular old iron for a really long time if you don’t think heat transfer vinyl (or HTV for short), is going to be your go-to. If you think you’ll do this a lot though, the Cricut EasyPress is my personal favorite. You can grab it here on Amazon.

Materials For Your First Two Beginner Cricut Projects

These are projects we are going to do together over on Tiktok – you can find them in my playlist entitled “Beginner Cricut”. Follow along with me and let’s get that Cricut out of its box! All the materials for these projects can be found on MyCraftsource.com. Use my MyCraftSource Link to get 5% off your purchase too! Note that each item you will need for the projects is listed exactly as it is found on the website. You can use their search feature to find each item!

Also, you’re going to need the SVG files for both projects. download those from me for FREE here.

Project 1: Beginner Cricut Adhesive Vinyl Project – A Sticker for your Cricut Machine!

  • 1 StarCraft HD Permanent Adhesive Vinyl – MATTE – 12″ x 12″ Sheet – White
  • 1 StarCraft HD Permanent Adhesive Vinyl – MATTE – 12″ x 12″ Sheet – Coral
  • 12 Inch Transfer Tape Medium Tack

Project 2: Beginner Cricut Heat Transfer Vinyl Project – Your First T-shirt!

  • BELLA+CANVAS Unisex Triblend Short Sleeve Tee – Steel Blue
  • 2 Siser EasyWeed – White – 12″x12″ Sheets
  • Parchment Paper (can be found on Amazon or in your kitchen!)

Remember you can use this link to get 5% off your MyCraftSource.com order and all these materials can be purchased there!

Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram and Tiktok @itslauralambert for more crafty tutorials and tips!

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