Brittany Wynne is the guest for episode 023 of the Where Faith Grows podcast: On being uniquely, bravely, you - hosted by Laura Lambert, Christian blogger and podcaster
Brittany Wynne, guest for episode 023 of the Where Faith Grows podcast: On being uniquely, bravely, you - hosted by Laura Lambert, Christian blogger and podcaster

“Finding who you are is a journey. I don’t do this perfectly and am still learning what this looks like. But there is such a freedom in finding who you are that allows you to do the things you are called to do.”

Brittany Wynne

What You Will Hear – On Being Uniquely, Bravely You

This episode of Where Faith Grows is all about being uniquely, bravely you!

This week, I got to sit down and chat with Brittany Wynne – she is a creative force who turned custom painted jackets she created as Christmas gifts into a business that allows people to, quite literally, put on the armor of God and wear beautifully hand-painted truths that speak to who God is calling them to be.

In this episode, Brittany and I cover a lot! We talk about finding our unique identities, the struggle and pressure to conform and fit in, owning who we are in Christ, and we even chat a little about Christian rap music (ha!). As Christian women, we all sometimes struggle to “be uniquely you”. Brittany speaks from her own experience with such wisdom and clarity, that I know you will leave feeling inspired to root your identity in Christ and live out all you were made to be, while being uniquely, bravely you!

There is so much goodness packed into this episode, I wish I could cover it all here just to tell you how great it is! Let me know once you listen what your favorite part was, and don’t forget to check out Brave Witness Clothing too to snag one of Brittany’s custom-painted beauties! Don’t forget to subscribe to Where Faith Grows wherever you listen to podcasts and share it with a friend if you love it! If you share about this episode on social media, be sure to use #wherefaithgrowspodcast so I can see what you are learning and loving!

Connect With Brittany

About Brittany

Brittany Wynne is a small town girl from Mississippi that felt the call from God to get up and leave the comfortable life she lived for His purpose. At the age of 14, Brittany fell madly in love with Jesus and since then has been on her passionate, creative, bold, and uncomfortable pursuit for His glory alone. When she was a junior in High School, she knew where she was was where she was supposed to be. And that’s when God placed her in Pensacola FL where she still thrives!

In Pensacola Brittany has found her true family and a community of people that push her to be the brave witness she aspires to be on the daily. She proudly serves at Liberty Church Downtown and has a passion for youth and young adult ministry. In this beautiful city and through her tight community she birthed the idea of custom painted clothing through Christmas gifts for the people she loves. Through these prophetic pieces, she became passionate about not making a brand, but a move: to inspire Christian to be completely courageous in their walks with Christ and to wear the armor of God as boldly as you would a colorful, painted jacket: to be a brave witness.

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"There is a confidence in knowing who you are and who made you" - quote from Brittany Wynne for the Where Faith Grows podcast episode 23. This episode is all about finding your unique identity in Christ and is hosted by Laura Lambert, Christian blogger and podcaster.
"God doesn't call us to be like Christians, He calls us to be like Christ" - quote from Brittany Wynne from episode 23 of the Where Faith Grows podcast. This episode is about being who you were uniquely and bravely created to be in Christ. The podcast is hosted by Laura Lambert, Christian blogger and podcaster.