Christmas Traditions Should be For Everyone in the Family

This year, like every year, I started putting up my Christmas decorations on November 2nd. We are early decorators here in the Lambert household, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

This year is a bit different for us though because Henry is officially a toddler! While last year he just wanted to stare at all the sparkly lights, this year he wants to pull every ornament down, stick his hand in every Christmas candle, and hide the small Christmas decorations anywhere he can find (including his mouth). 

As I was decorating, I found myself telling him “no” a lot. No pulling! No touching that! Gentle! I found myself raising my voice with each and every ornament toppling to the ground. I take great pride in my Christmas decorations, and my type-A self was panicking inside to watch it all crumble. And then it hit me.

Christmas traditions should be for all of us in the family. They aren’t just for the adults. Henry gets to enjoy them too! So, I took to google to look for more family-friendly ways to have us all enjoy this Christmas season together, and I found some great ideas that I think you guys will love just as much as I did! I can’t wait to incorporate these into our Christmas traditions so Henry can enjoy the season just as much as we do.

Here are my 5 Christmas traditions to start with your toddler this year – and none of them will make your house a giant arts and crafts mess, leaving you sweating while your toddler enjoys their “craft” for about five minutes.

5 Christmas Traditions to start with your toddler this year from the Where Faith Grows blog! Make the holidays fun for everyone in the family this year!

Toddler Christmas Tradition #1: Felt Christmas Trees

I saw these on Pinterest after my own Christmas ornament incident and was immediately hooked. These are just simple felt trees that you stick to your wall and then create velcro ornaments and lights that your toddler can stick and unstick to the tree to their heart’s content! 

My little hack is to tie a ribbon to the top of the tree and use a command hook to hang the whole thing on your wall so you don’t have to attach the tree straight to your wall in any way. You can also hang a cute basket next to the tree with a command hook if you want a great place to throw the discarded ornaments so they don’t get lost in your house! 

I love this toddler Christmas tradition, because it’s a great way for your little one to be a part of decorating the tree, and they can undecorate and redecorate any time they want! 

If you want to DIY this tree,I like this one from the Thats What She Said blog because she includes a template and free files for the decorations! Happy tree-making!

OR, if you don’t want to make this thing and would rather buy one (me raising my hand), here is a great one on Amazon for only $15!

DIY felt Christmas tree - fun toddler Christmas traditions to start with your little one this year from the Where Faith Grows blog! Felt tree idea from
Amazon Felt Christmas tree - fun Christmas traditions to start with your toddler this year from the Where Faith Grows blog!

Toddler Christmas Tradition #2: Christmas Eve Boxes

I have looked at this toddler Christmas tradition since before Henry was even born! I think it’s so sweet, and a great way to let your son or daughter open something on Christmas Eve that won’t ruin the big day! I also love that it makes room for family time on the night before Christmas.

These little Christmas Eve boxes can include a variety of items, but my favorites usually include Christmas pajamas (great for those Christmas morning pictures!), a Christmas movie to watch together, popcorn, hot cocoa, and a Christmas book. Now, with most movies being digital, I think I’m going to leave the video out and just pick a Hallmark Christmas movie instead (because I’m a Hallmark addict). 

In terms of the box itself, I’ve seen lots of people do personalized, reusable boxes and I think those are too cute! Here are a few of my favorites I’ve found on Amazon.


Christmas Eve Box idea from Amazon - Fun Christmas traditions to start with your toddler from the Where Faith Grows blog


Heirloom quality Christmas Eve box - fun Christmas traditions to start with your toddler from the Where Faith Grows blog

Toddler Christmas Tradition #3: Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Matt and I have always loved driving around looking at Christmas lights. We go to drive through displays, love walking through Opryland Hotel at Christmas, and always love going to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens to look at their displays. Doing all that while keeping a toddler interested though is a bit of a different story! 

While Henry is still a bit young for this one, I’m thinking ahead for ways to keep him happy and involved during one of our fave family Christmas traditions. I found this awesome idea to do a Christmas light scavenger hunt on Pinterest and it rocks! 

This printable is one of my favorites from, because it is photo-based, making it suitable for kids who can’t read yet – like mine! 

I love the idea that your toddler can be on a mission of their own and you can work together as a family to find all the items on the list. A great way to enjoy Christmas lights as a whole family! No more backseat whining!

Toddler Christmas Tradition #4: Christmas baking!

Another favorite Christmas tradition of mine is baking. Henry is already getting very interested in watching me cook and bake, and his favorite place to be is in my arms when I’m cooking. He loves playing with spoons and bowls too, which means he is the perfect age to help with Christmas baking! 

I’ve already been searching out recipes that are simple and allow him to get his little hands dirty and involved without messing up the whole recipe. Here are a few of my faves that we will definitely be doing this season! 

Puppy Chow: Toddlers will love shaking the bag and getting messy with all the powdered sugar! 

Christmas Rice Krispie treats: A great opportunity to get little hands involved in mixing up all the ingredients

Toddler Christmas Tradition #5: Magnetic Christmas Tree Activity

Last but not least, this toddler Christmas tradition of a magnetic Christmas tree from is sure to delight your toddler of  any age. I love the opportunity for kids to explore magnets, and move the pieces around to create something new whenever they feel like it! 

Even better, this activity is easy to make on a budget, and you may already have all that you need! I plan to keep this in the kitchen so Henry can be busy playing while I’m cooking!

christmas tree magnet activity from - fun christmas traditions to start with your toddler from the Where Faith Grows blog

I cannot wait to try these out with Henry and let you know how they go! What Christmas traditions are your favorite for little ones?

Make Christmas Traditions fun for all this year! Toddler christmas Traditions you will love from the Where Faith Grows blog
Christmas traditions to start with your toddler - loving these 5 suggestions to make Christmas fun for everyone this year from the Where Faith Grows blog.
Start these Christmas traditions with your toddler this year - 5 fantastic Christmas traditions to start with your toddler immediately from the Where Faith Grows blog