This week's episode of the Where Faith Grows podcast features Allix Rawls and is all about how God can make beauty out of any ashes. Can't wait for you to hear this amazing episode! The Where Faith Grows podcast is a faith podcast hosted by Christian blogger and podcaster, Laura Lambert
Allix Rawls, guest for episode 021 of the Where Faith Grows podcast, Christian podcast hosted by faith blogger and podcaster, Laura Lambert

“There was a moment of silence…like a heartbeat- and I clearly heard Jesus say, ‘stay with him’”

Allix Rawls

What You Will Hear – Beauty for Ashes

This episode of Where Faith Grows is all about beauty for ashes – I sit down with the amazing Allix Rawls and we talk about how God can take any ashes (even the ones we create ourselves!) and turn them into absolute beauty for His glory.

Allix’s story is absolutely incredible. Her heart for the Lord shines through in every word as she speaks about God’s everlasting faithfulness even in the most painful and broken parts of her story. Allix’s personality is infectious – even in the most challenging parts of her story, Allix finds humor, laughter, and joy. I truly felt like I was sitting down with an old girlfriend and catching up on life! I know you will feel the same as she shares how God took her ashes and turned them into a beautiful story of redemption and wholeness.

Allix reminds us in this episode that beauty for ashes means ANY ashes can be turned into beauty, even the ones that are of our own making. She shares her story with transparency, honesty, light, and love – I know you will leave this episode inspired and enriched. It’s truly a great one!

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Connect With Allix

About Allix

Allix Rawls is a Christian writer, wife, and mother of 4. 

She has been blogging over at for several years, but also uses her Instagram platform to share wisdom and encouragement to women. 

Born and raised in NE Oklahoma, Allix still resides there along with her family and their 4 dogs on several acres just outside Tulsa. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Oklahoma State University, and works full time as the Social Media Manager for Oklahoma’s largest state agency. 

When she’s not writing, working, or chasing one (or all) of her children, she enjoys cooking with her husband, soaking up summer sun at the lake, or hiking in the wooded hills of Oklahoma. 

Allix describes her faith as being ‘forged by fire’. 

After 7 year, Allix’s marriage was crumbling, torn apart by lies and infidelity. 

But God. 

After an eight month separation, Allix and her husband were able to reconcile. Now, after months of therapy, intentional communication, loads of forgiveness and grace, Allix and her husband whole-heartedly keep Jesus at the center of their marriage.  Allix was also blessed with a step-son from the separation, a gift that blesses her and has provided her with the lesson of humility. 

Without a doubt, those trials have led to an abundance of blessings, and a clear direction on God’s call for Allix’s life; to share the hope, joy and encouragement that only comes from Jesus with women who may be struggling with their place in life.

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"God uses broken people so His glory can be magnified" - quote from Allix Rawls, guest for episode 021 of the Where Faith Grows podcast. This episode is on Beauty for Ashes. The podcast is hosted by Christian blogger and podcaster Laura Lambert.
"God can take a dead thing and raise it to life - and He can take the thing YOU'VE damaged...and He can still fix it and make it better than new" - quote from Allix Rawls from Episode 021 of the Where Faith Grows podcast. this episode is on Beauty for Ashes and is hosted by Christian blogger and podcaster, Laura Lambert