Ep 025 of the Where Faith Grows podcast features faithful biz builder, Liana Danielle, and is hosted by Cricut blogger and Christian podcaster, Laura Lambert.
Liana Danielle Head, guest for episode 025 of the Where Faith Grows podcast, hosted by Cricut blogger and Christian podcaster, Laura Lambert

“If we look like us but without Christ, that isn’t very beautiful. God is saying, ‘ I know what will make you the most beautiful, and that’s my son living in you.”

Liana Danielle

What You Will Hear – Beauty in Brokenness

This episode of Where Faith Grows is all about finding beauty in brokenness. Today, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Faithful Biz Builder, Liana Danielle. She is equal parts joyful and wise and, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to feel like she is an instant bestie once you hear from her in this episode!

While Liana specializes in supporting Christian women as they build their faithful businesses and helping them market their gifts to the world, we decided to focus in on the topic of finding beauty in brokenness today. As we all know, we live in a fallen world. Brokenness is inevitable – however, it can often be hard to find beauty when we are living in the midst of brokenness. It’s much easier to find that beauty once we are on the other side of whatever broken situation we are facing!

Without spoiling the episode for you, Liana shares her personal experiences with brokenness, from childhood experiences to dating to her current life situations. She shares with such transparency and yet such joy and hope for the bright future God promises us all. Her strength and wisdom will no doubt inspire you, but her insights into God’s love and His ability to provide beauty in even the darkest situations will give you strength to face whatever lies ahead.

We can all relate to feelings of brokenness, no matter where they come from. I can assure you that this episode will leave you feeling stronger, wiser, and incredibly inspired! Don’t forget to subscribe to Where Faith Grows wherever you listen to podcasts and share it with a friend if you love it! If you share about this episode on social media, be sure to use #wherefaithgrowspodcast so I can see what you are learning and loving!

Connect With Liana

About Liana

The first month of Liana’s business was the month she graduated college. Over $10,000 ended up in her bank account that first month and many months since, and the only explanation she has is because she prayed and submitted this business to God after failing to do so in past businesses. Her passion now is to teach women how to turn their passions into profit while making an impact in the Kingdom of God! She enjoys using her Instagram platform to literally take the Gospel to the ends of the earth and to encourage every heart that comes across her posts. She’s thrilled to fall deeper in love with Jesus this year and to see what fruit is produced in her business because of it.

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"The story of the Bible is God longing for His people to choose Him...if that's the story fo the Bible, than that's probably the story of us too" - quote from Liana Danielle, guest on the Where Faith Grows podcast, hosted by Cricut crafter and Christian podcaster, Laura Lambert
"God allows brokenness because He wants to see surrender" - quote from Liana Danielle, guest on the Where Faith Grows podcast, hosted by Cricut blogger and Christian podcaster, Laura Lambert