Episode 011 of the Where Faith Grows podcast - This interview is with Jennie Mayes and we chat all about Christian International Adoption.

Jennie Mayes, guest on the Where Faith Grows Christian podcast episode 011: On International Adoption

“I have grown in faith, but really it has been realizing a faith I had inside of me that I didn’t even know I had”

Jennie Mayes, My Favorite Life

What You Will Hear

This episode of Where Faith Grows is all about international adoption! I was so honored to sit down with Jennie Mayes (virtually!) and talk all about her journey adopting internationally so far – we talk all about moments of waiting, hills and valleys, and the process of being in the messy middle with God.

Jennie shares her family’s story with such refreshing transparency. We all have seasons that feel like “the messy middle”, and this story of international adoption is no exception. Jennie talks all about how this experience has caused her faith to grow, how it has helped her realize faith she didn’t know she even had, and also how God gives us strength to live moment by moment in the times when we feel like we have nothing left to give.

Jennie and I also end up talking about the burden of overwhelm and feeling like we have to take the weight of our experiences all on our own shoulders. I love Jennie’s advice for all of us that walk through these seasons – without ruining it for you, I’ll just tell you it’s a must-listen!

Whether you are pursuing international adoption or just in a season of “the messy middle” in your life, I know this episode will encourage and inspire you! Jennie, I love your story! Thanks for sharing with us. Don’t forget to subscribe to Where Faith Grows wherever you listen to podcasts and share it with a friend if you love it! If you share about this episode on social media, be sure to use #wherefaithgrowspodcast so I can see what you are learning and loving!

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About Jennie

Jennie Mayes lives in northeast Missouri with her husband and three children. Nathan and Jennie are pursuing adoption for their fourth child. Jennie works full time outside the home in administration at a local Bible College. She is very involved in her church serving as a leader and piano player on the worship team and serving alongside her husband in leading small groups and small group leaders.

Jennie has a passion to see moms live a life of freedom and joy and ditch the overwhelm that often comes with motherhood. She runs a mom blog that is all about spreading this message to moms through tips, resources and encouragement to ditch the overwhelm and make this their favorite life. Her social media and Facebook group are often full of encouragement for moms through the ups and downs that come with life. Connect with her using the links to the left to learn more!

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It's ok to be in the messy middle. Accept that that's ok! And know where to turn during those moments - this quote is from the Christian podcast, Where Faith Grows, hosted by Christian blogger and podcaster Laura Lambert. You can listen to this full episode on International Adoption over at itslauralambert.com
It takes a weight off our shoulders - we don't have to worry about a month from now. we just have to get through the next thing, and God will get us through those moments one at a time - this quote is from episode 011 of the Where Faith Grows christian podcast, hosted by Laura Lambert, Christian blogger and podcaster. Listen to this full episode with Jennie Mayes on international adoption over at itslauralambert.com.