When I was pregnant with Henry, one of the most daunting tasks was preparing our Amazon baby registry. It felt like a total mystery to me! As someone who never researched baby stuff prior to getting pregnant, I just felt totally out of the loop on current baby products, and what was in style. 

Then, when I finally started looking over products and items, I quickly found that there is always a WEALTH of opinions out there about what is safe, what’s not recommended for babies, what people like, and what is a total waste of money. And trust me, there are tons of products out there that people will recommend you purchase that will end up being a total waste of your time and money. 

Influencers were the biggest culprit. Influencer after influencer on my social media would recommend the same 3 or 4 products to me. I even bought a few! Well, let me tell you, most of the time it was a ton of money for something I could have achieved with a cheaper item. I’d love to offer you a better alternative for your Amazon baby registry that will last you longer and save you some money.

So, I’m here to cut through the clutter. This comprehensive Amazon baby registry will be the best you see around for a few reasons:

  1. This list includes items I had on my actual registry that we now use and love ALL THE TIME. I registered for so much stuff. I listened to so many people who told me what I “had” to have and what I would definitely use. I maybe use half of what we actually registered for. Here’s the reality. You need way less than what you probably think you need. I’m no minimalist, but I don’t live in a mansion and I don’t like having a cluttered home. This list cuts through the nonsense and gives you items you will DEFINITELY use.
  2. I also love items that serve multiple purposes because they save space and last longer. I did all the research for you to find the best products that will last you through the baby and toddler years, because no one wants to spend $200 on a product that will last you three months.
  3. It’s easy to fall prey to what’s cute and trendy when it comes to baby products. I love my products to look cute too, but I also care way more about it being functional. I did all the research for you to read countless reviews on these products so you know they will work well while looking as cute as possible. For this reason, I’ve also included a few items in this Amazon baby registry that I saw recommended by influencers all over the place (and a few I purchased!) that did not work. I’ll offer you a cheaper and better alternative that will serve you way better.
  4. Baby product safety is a huge deal. We’ve all seen the recall that show up time and time again for a baby product that ended up being dangerous. You can trust I’ve spent the time to look into each and every one of these products to make sure they will be as safe as humanly possible. But when it comes to safety, ALWAYS trust your gut and do your own research. Don’t take my word for it! 
  5. I’ve broken my list into easy to categorize topics. I think this makes it easier for you to group the types of items you will need for baby and keep track of everything you need for all the new areas of life you will be experiencing soon!


Can I just say before we get started – I am so excited for you! Motherhood was nothing like I imagined. I heard so many horror stories about sleepless nights, tantrums that seemed to last forever, endless crying, diaper explosions, and so much more. And it’s not that those people were lying necessarily, I just don’t know why that is what they wanted to focus on telling me.

Here was the reality: Sure, those things all happened. But the sleepless nights are over so quick that I already don’t even really remember those days. The tantrums and the crying happen, but as soon as that little nugget smiles or laughs at something, I don’t mind so much. Diaper explosions were a real thing, but they made me and my husband laugh more than they made us upset. 

Parenting has been so much joy – every milestone, every giggle, every babble, and all the little in between things bring so much happiness and laughter. I can’t imagine life without Henry. I’m so excited for you that you get to experience this too! 

And if you ever have questions, feel free to reach out to me. I’m no expert, but I’m just a real person, and a new momma just like you. So, I’m happy to offer my advice or even just sit and listen for you if things aren’t going as planned.

Ok, all that good stuff being said, let’s get on to the Amazon baby registry! 

This Ultimate Amazon Baby Registry will have you curating the perfect baby registry for your little one. Or, it will help you find that perfect gift for a friend or loved one! Written by Laura Lambert, Christian blogger and podcaster, and mom who actually uses these products every day!

To keep things easy to organize, I’m splitting this registry up into easy to manage categories that make sense for your life. I’m cutting through all the nonsense and giving you only the things I truly think you will use regularly, and making it easy for you to keep track of all the items you will need for each area of baby’s life! 


I want to start off with a few products that I can’t even begin to categorize, because we use them all around all the time for pretty much everything. If I had to recommend just a few things, I would pick the things in this list. Just put them on your registry; you’ll be so glad you did.

  1. A Boppy 

We use our boppy all the stinking time! At first, it was great for feeding. Then, it was great for him to sit and nap in. Then, he used it to sit up and for tummy time. When Henry was a bit smaller, this was our go-to travel product when we were visiting friends and family. It turned out to be a great spot for Henry to chill when we were in a house that didn’t have a ton of baby gear for him to hang out in, especially when he wasn’t sitting independently. It’s easy to pack and he finds it super comfortable. Here is the cover we selected as well , because sometimes you’re going to want to wash that thing, trust me.

2. Wubbanubs

Wubbanubs are fun little pacifiers with cute animals on the end. I recommend these highly for a couple of reasons. One, this type of pacifier always worked the best for Henry for some reason. I liked that I could stick my finger in the end of it to help him keep it in his mouth in the early days, and I like that it doesn’t have any hard plastic parts that could break. An added bonus is the plush animal attached. Not only is it super cute, but it’s very practical because it helps Henry hold his own pacifier and keep it in his mouth way sooner than he would normally be able to. The animal part is super easy to grab! 

3. HaloVA diaper bag

Diaper bags can be SUPER expensive. I found lots when I was registering that were functional and cute, but just way too pricey. Also, my husband Matt wanted a diaper bag that he felt comfortable carrying around too (understandable!). Between our budget, my desire to have something that looked somewhat cute, functionality, and Matt’s wishes, a good diaper bag was hard to find. This one takes the cake. It checked off all our boxes, and the small price tag sure didn’t hurt either! Even if you don’t choose this one, I would highly recommend a backpack style. You want all the extra hands you can get with a little one.

4. Infantino 4 in 1 convertible carrier

We used to use this guy all the time when Henry was a bit smaller. Carrying around a normal carseat carrier became cumbersome super fast. This product solved that problem and stows away in our car way easier now that Henry has outgrown his carrier carseat. We used this at the store, traveling, on walks, and everywhere in between. I also love it because it will grow with Henry through the toddler years. He used it starting when he was just weeks old and will be able to keep using it for years to come when we travel. Now that’s a good product! 

5. Graco Pack N Play Playard Snuggle Suite XL

A pack n’ play is probably already on your list, but I want to recommend this one specifically. We use this thing WAY more than I thought we would. FIrst of all, this is a great way to avoid buying a bassinet, which I definitely would suggest. Your baby will use a bassinet for almost no time at all, and they can get super pricey! We just set up this pack n’ play in our room, and that is where Henry slept until we moved him to his own crib. Now, he uses it as a play area and a travel bed. Also, it comes with the awesome changing table attachment, which we actually ended up using as his sole changing area for a long time. AND it comes with the awesome bouncy chair, which has kept us from having to purchase another one of those for his awake time. This bouncy chair is way underrated. In the infant days, this was probably the most used item we owned – he napped in it, hung out in it, even took his bottle in it sometimes. If that wasn’t enough, this pack n’ play also comes with a great organizer on the side that holds diapers, wipes, and lots of other baby supplies. It kept our room organized while he was still sleeping in there with us, and it kept me from feeling like a baby had taken over my bedroom. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed in this all-in-one system. Don’t forget to register for some fitted sheets for it too! You need a special size – these are the ones I got and I love them.







Sleep products, because, at least in the early days, that seems most important. I saw a TON of ads for sleep products that were supposedly magical and would help your baby sleep through the night from the day they came home from the hospital. Well, that probably won’t happen and I don’t think there is a product out there that would make that happen. But here are a few that we found ESSENTIAL. And little Henry did start sleeping through the night at around 8-10 weeks so we must have done something right! 

1. Halo Sleep Sack

We registered for tons of velcro swaddles and swaddle blankets and used them maybe once. Henry never cared for them and the traditional blanket swaddles were just way too much to manage, even though we learned how to swaddle pretty darn well from the NICU nurses at our hospital. This was a late night purchase when Henry was a few weeks old and man am I glad we got it – Henry loved it immediately and it’s probably the biggest factor that helped him sleep through the night, because it dampened his startle reflex, made him feel nice and cuddled, and it was really easy for us to get him in and out of it without too much fuss.

2. The Love to Dream Swaddle Up

This was the perfect transition swaddle for us. Easy to get in and out of, but also still comfy and snuggly for baby.

3. Burt’s Bees Fitted Crib Sheet

These fitted sheets are the only bedding items I registered for. You don’t need all the other stuff in the crib like a quilt, bumper, etc. In fact, they are no longer recommended for safe sleep. That’s why I settled on these, because I think they look cute as a stand alone bedding item, and they are organic and super soft so they don’t irritate Henry’s skin.

4. Crib mattress protector

For obvious reasons, you want one of these. My cousin also taught me a fun trick where you make the crib up with a mattress protector, fitted sheet, then another mattress protector and another fitted sheet. That way, if accidents occur,  you just rip off a layer and can get baby back to sleep fast. Super useful and I’d highly recommend! So register for two or three of these.

5. Hatch Baby Rest sound machine

This is a bit of an expensive product, but it will stand the test of time for you. In the early days, the white noise function is a lifesaver, especially if sound carries in your house. As baby gets bigger, the customizable light and sound combo can help you find what works best for your baby. Then, when he or she is even older, you can use the “time to rise” function to help sleep train your toddler when they are allowed to be up and about and when they should stay in bed. This function can also be super useful if you are wanting to use timeout with your kids. We love our Hatch and still use it multiple times a day, even now that Henry is a year old.

6. Pure enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

You won’t think you need one of these until your baby gets his or her first stuffy nose. Then, you’ll be rushing to the store looking for one when you read online that it will help your poor baby sleep. Just go ahead and get this one and you’ll be glad you did. It has multiple settings, with different flow rates and nightlight settings. We love it.

7. Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

This product was one we purchased when Henry was around 4 months old, and it was another midnight purchase when Henry was having trouble sleeping during the 4 month sleep regression. I was desperate, and this purchase ended up really paying off! Henry was transitioning out of a regular swaddle and he was waking up every 45 minutes. Well, that lasted about two nights before I spent the money on this Magic Sleep Suit. That night, Henry slept 7 hours and has slept 8+ hours every night since then. It’s magical. Go ahead and register for it and keep it stored in a closet until you are ready to transition, then just do it. It’s amazing. It keeps Henry warm and cuddled and stifles his startle reflex, all while letting his arms and legs be free.

8. Burt’s Bees Baby – Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

Once baby is out of swaddles entirely, you’ll want something to keep him/her warm at night. Pediatricians don’t recommend blankets in the crib until after baby is 1 year old, so something like this was a must-have for us. We still use it every night. Henry loves it, it keeps him warm and cozy, and is totally safe if he decides to roll around in bed. I’d register for a few of these, because we also need to wash his frequently and he literally can’t sleep without it! 










A quick note about this section: Breastfeeding did not work out for us. I ended up getting a horrible case of mastitis and battled several infections and repeated clogged ducts. As a result, I needed to stop for my own well-being (mental and physical!). So, this list focuses mostly on what we used after stopping breastfeeding. At some point, I’ll create a separate post on breastfeeding items, because there were a few that helped a ton in those early days of trying to breastfeed, but there is just too much to include here so this will focus mostly on bottle feeding and once you introduce baby food and rice cereal.

1. Spoons 

These are usually pretty standard, but here are the ones we like because they fit super well in the dishwasher! 

2. Reusable food pouches

These have really started coming in handy now that Henry wants to feed himself. I highly recommend registering for some so they will be available right away when you start needing them! We fill ours with fruit puree and applesauce all the time for Henry to snack on the go! 

3. Silicone bibs

Double bonus – once you start baby on rice cereal and baby food, these are a lifesaver for quick cleanup and for containing all the mess in the little silicone catch-all spot!

4. Phillips Avent Natural Baby Bottles

These are always very highly reviewed and I thought they worked the best for the time period when I was trying to breastfeed but supplement with a bottle. They still work great now too! There was minimal confusion with these, and I love their bottle nipples for babies that have trouble sucking. In the early days, Henry was weak from being tube fed in the NICU and had trouble learning to suck on anything. This was the kind that worked best for us! I’ve heard good things about Dr. Brown’s as well, but I just don’t have experience with those.

5. Ingenuity SmartClean Trio Elite 3-in-1 High Chair

Love this high chair because of its longevity. It’s a traditional high chair, then a tabletop one, then a booster seat. Combine that with its easy-to-clean material and simple click-in tray and it’s a winner.

6. Boon drying rack grass

This is one that a ton of people recommended to me that I thought would be useless.  Well, it’s not. It’s perfect for drying bottles, the rubbery bibs, bottle nipples, pacifiers, etc. All the things you wouldn’t want to always put in the dishwasher but that you need to wipe down and rinse constantly. It’s great. 

7. Burt’s Bees Burp cloths

I registered for these because I wanted burp cloths that wouldn’t be huge but would also be bigger than just a little strip. I also wanted simple so I could clean them aggressively if needed. These fit the bill. They come in multipacks, clean great, and are always super soft. Highly recommend.

8. Nuk Learner Cup

This is another more recent purchase that I wish we would have been ahead of the game on and just registered for. Transitioning Henry from a bottle to a sippy cup has been a CHALLENGE. These learner cups ROCK because they have a silicone spout like a bottle nipple but in the sippy cup style. Go ahead and stock up on a few of these for sure! 










I am not a huge fan of registering for a ton of baby clothes, and here is why. People will buy you baby clothes anyway. Everybody loves to find a cute baby outfit and give it as a gift – they will do it even without you having a single clothing item on your registry. And often, they will buy cute clothes for your baby other than what’s on your registry. You could end up being buried in newborn clothes that your baby never even wears because you have too much and they grow out of it so fast. Instead, here is what I would recommend.

Register for a few meaningful clothing items – maybe for a sports team your family loves or something local. That way, you can get a few special items, but can save the generic cute clothes for miscellaneous items that people will buy anyway. We are a Tennessee Vols and Titans family, so we registered for items like that.

1. Socks

People often won’t think to buy you socks, so pick some no slip ones like these or some higher calf ones like these that won’t slip down and just get like 10 pairs. You’ll be set! 

2. Bandana Bibs

Great for drool, super cute, and great price. That’s all there is to say about these guys! 

3. Simple Joys by Carter’s Footless Cotton Pajamas

These are my exceptions to the “don’t register for a bunch of clothes” rule. People loved buying us clothes, but almost no one bought pajamas! And you NEED lots of great pajamas! These are just the best in my opinion. Henry got hot with a swaddle and his feet covered, so we like that these keep his feet open, and zip pajamas are way preferred over button ones. Trust me, buttons are cute but they are way less cute at 2 am when you are changing a diaper. For us, these have been the best and stood the test of time. Whenever Henry sizes out of them, we just get the same thing in the next size up. Also love that these come in a 3 pack! 





First of all, register for plenty of diapers in extended sizing. First, you never know how big your baby is going to be and those newborn diapers don’t last too long! Second, it’s crazy how quickly they jump up to the next size. Save yourself some serious money and go ahead and register for a month’s supply (at least) for several sizes in diapers. That way you always have diapers on hand for the next size up. You know you need them, so go ahead and let other people buy them for you! 

1. Diaper genie

This is a classic gift – but it’s classic for a great reason. Just get one. ESPECIALLY if you have pets that would get into diapers. Trust me, you don’t want to be cleaning up a dirty diaper at 2am that your dog got a hold of. This beauty really does the job for keeping them all contained in one place, it’s easy to take out, and it contains all the smell inside. You definitely want one of these.

2. Angelcare Baby Bath Support

3. Skip Hop Moby Bath Tear-free waterfall Rinser bath cup

These are both just all-around cute and great. Not much to them, so they are simple and efficient. Can’t beat that! 

4. Organic bamboo baby hooded Towel

I registered for this bath towel because of its cuteness. What I didn’t know was that it is the softest bath towel I’ve ever felt. It’s perfect! It’s also pretty big for a baby towel. Henry is over 20 pounds and a year old and it still can wrap him up perfectly.

5. Summer Infant contoured changing pad

6. Ultra soft and stretchy changing pad covers (2 Pack)

Matt and I debated about a changing table for a long time when working through what we would purchase for Henry. We finally landed on purchasing a regular dresser that would grow with him through the years and getting a separate changing pad to go on top. Definitely measure with the dresser you pick out to make sure this will fit on top, but this one worked great for us.

7. Munchkin designer diaper change kit

This is a travel necessity. I leave it in the car for on the go diaper changes. In our car, I usually just lay it out in the trunk when it’s needed, but it also fits in the diaper bag and is good for in store restrooms where you want an added layer of protection between baby and a germy plastic changing table.









This one is a category where you could end up spending some serious money on your Amazon baby registry because people tell you you NEED lots of things, and when health and safety are on the line, your fear will cause you to spend a bunch of money. Here are the items I purchase and use on a regular basis. I’m leaving out pictures for this section, because most of these are pretty self explanatory.

1. IProven Medical digital ear thermometer with temporal forehead function

2. Safety First Infant kit

3. NoseFrida

It sounds gross, but it really isn’t and it works so well you won’t even care after one usage.

4. Gas drops 

We used these constantly when Henry was an infant. They work so well for those new baby digestive systems!

5. Boogie spray 

A great nose cleaner when baby gets snotty! 

6. Infant Tylenol

7. Shynerk Baby Car mirror 

Perfect for seeing baby in the backseat of the car.

8. Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brushes (2 pack)

These get in all the nooks and crannies of baby bottles really well!


Another area where it’s easy to blow a bunch of money on things you think you need. These are the items we use regularly and (so far!) have been all we need.

1. Skip hop explore 3-stage activity center

A great item for when baby is about 4-5 months old and can sit supported. Henry used to play around in this thing for over an hour sometimes, and now he uses it as a table to play with his little toys. A super win! And, it’s designed by a pediatrician to support development and hand/eye coordination. Yay!

2. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

We actually never registered or picked out our own stroller, but were gifted an Eddie Bauer stroller and carseat set. The carseat attachment is great for the early days, and the stroller is tough enough to work even when we go jogging. It also folds down really small for the car and travel. We love it, but unfortunately I think it’s been discontinued. The one I am linking is very similar though! 

3. Graco extend 2 fit Carseat

This is the carseat we actually registered for. We wanted something that would last the whole way through the carseat and booster seat years, and this one got great safety reviews. Plus, I like the simple design and found it really easy to install and change the strap settings and such.  

4. Universal stroller organizer bag

This is a small purchase, but I think great to add to your list. It just gives you a little extra storage and organization for your stroller, so you won’t need to bring a purse when going out with your little one.I love it and use it constantly.

5. Skip Hop silver lining cloud baby playmat

This playmat ROCKS. It’s great for tummy time, Henry loves the toys, and it folds up and stores super easy. Also, I think it’s super cute….which helps. Haha.

6. Regalo My Play Portable Play Yard

This one started becoming invaluable to us when Henry was around 8-10 months old and got really mobile. We now fill it with ball pit balls for endless fun and wonder. We didn’t buy this till later and didn’t think about needing something like this, but I WISH I had put it on my registry, because it’s not a cheap purchase. I highly recommend going ahead and grabbing something like this in prep! It folds up great for storage and we use it outside too! 








Toys are another area where I wouldn’t recommend registering for a ton of items. People will buy them anyway, and over the course of holidays through the first year, you’ll get plenty of toys. Here are just a few that I would make sure you have on hand.

1. Nuby ice gel teether keys 

2. Itzy Ritzy silicone teethers

Both of these teethers are ones Henry loves, and they are super cute! I keep one in the diaper bag and one at home at all times.

3. Books

This is not necessarily something to register for, but I did this for a baby shower I had, and I think it was an awesome idea. Instead of people buying cards, I asked that people bring a children’s book and write Henry a little message in the front cover. This turned out way better than I imagined. People came with books their kids loved, picked out ones that had Henry’s name in them, and picked out stories that matched with their passions. It was so sweet! Now, they are gifts we treasure because they ended up being so personal and all of them have little notes to Henry that we read to him when we read the books. If you’re a Tennessee resident, another bonus I would highly recommend is the Imagination Library, Dolly Parton’s charity. They will send a free book to your child every month! We have loved this so far! 





1. Snoo

It’s pricey and I felt like we got Henry to sleep through the night just fine in a regular pack n’ play. Not to mention, the pack n’ play will last him way longer into toddler-hood than a Snoo bassinet will. However, we have friends that use this and LOVE it. So, who knows? Maybe one day I’ll convert to the Snoo life. This one is just iffy on my list because I didn’t feel like we NEEDED it and you could buy a LOT of other products for the price of this one.

2. Dock-a-tot

Again, it’s very pricey and I felt like a boppy had the same effect for way less cost.

3. Windi

We bought this one when we were desperate in the newborn days when Henry had a lot of trouble passing gas. It definitely didn’t work, and it was also hard to know if I was doing it right.

4. Jersey Carseat Cover

These are cute and lots of people recommended them, but honestly we only used it once or twice so I’d just skip it.

5. Moby wrap

We liked the convertible front carrier MUCH more than this. It didn’t hurt my back like the Moby wrap did, and I didn’t like having to work on wrapping this correctly. I never felt like I was doing it right or that Henry was as secure as in the front pack.

6. Swaddle blankets

Just get the velcro ones. These are a nightmare at 3 am, even if you’re a seasoned swaddling pro.

7. Mamaroo

I’m mixed on this one honestly. We have one and we did use it from time to time, but he used the bouncy seat that came with his pack n’ play just as much if not more, so I feel like that would have worked too, and it didn’t come with the hefty price tag. I am torn on this one though, because in the very early newborn days, he did love this thing. I just think he would have equally liked the bouncy seat if we hadn’t had the Mamaroo. 

If you can think of anything I forgot for this ultimate Amazon baby registry or that you would add, please let me know in the comments! Also, let me know if you have had experiences with any of these products yourself – I’d love to hear if something worked differently for you!

With Great Joy,

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“Parenting has been so much joy – every milestone, every giggle, every babble, and all the little in between things bring so much happiness and laughter. I can’t imagine life without Henry. I’m so excited for you that you get to experience this too!”
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This 2020 Ultimate Amazon Baby Registry will help you find everything you need to curate the perfect baby registry OR to find that oh so special gift for a friend or loved one.
This Ultimate Amazon Baby Registry, from Laura Lambert, Christian podcaster and blogger, will help you eliminate clutter and curate a baby registry full of products you will actually use!