Gilmore Girls and God? Wait, What?

“Demand more from the Lord.”

Just writing these words is uncomfortable. For the modern Christian, we demand very little of Jesus. We ask him to be present with us when we pray. We ask him to be with us when we worship, when we go to church, when we have our quiet time. We ask him to help us when things are rough. In the grand scheme of life, we demand so little of him.

For the man who was granted all authority and power over Heaven and Earth, my asking him to help me through a rough time or be there when I am praying is such a small task.

Part of this website is encouraging people, including myself, to get out there and live adventurous, loud lives for Christ. When we do, he shows up in a big way. When we do, we give him opportunity to create radical change in us and in the lives of others. Asking for more in our lives is a great place to start.

I’ve been re-watching the Gilmore Girls series recently on Netflix. It’s a great show and I’ve ventured through the series two . . . *cough* okay, four times. In short, I’m an addict for their small town charm and witty banter. Don’t judge; let’s move on to more important things.

In a Season 3 episode, Rory and her boyfriend Jess are going through a hard patch…a typical Gilmore Girls drama. The episode begins with Rory sitting at home on a Friday night waiting for him to call so they can go out on a date. Rory’s mother, Lorelai, sees this and asks Rory why she is waiting around. Doesn’t she deserve a guy who will make plans for her rather than forcing her to sit around waiting because he said he would call her “later?”

Still, Rory disagrees and says she doesn’t mind hanging out at the house.

But after a night spent cleaning her keyboard waiting for Jess to call, Rory shifts her thinking. The next night, Rory is done waiting. She heads out to a hockey game with a long-time friend. At the game, she makes peace with an ex-boyfriend, rekindles a friendship, and generally has a blast.

Here’s the clip straight from Gilmore Girls of what happens when Rory finally decides she is done waiting around for Jess. Check it out:

Gilmore Girls Don’t Wait Around

The clip reminds me; we can spend our whole lives waiting for the Lord to “call” can’t we? We can spend our whole lives asking him to show up in the places we expect him to be; at church, when we pray, during a devotional time. And if Rory shows us anything, it’s that a Gilmore Girl doesn’t wait around.

But when we zoom out, aren’t we being small-minded? We can spend all our time living our normal routine, asking the Lord to call, when perhaps he is looking to us and saying, “Is this all you really want?”

Here at Where Faith Grows, we have a bigger vision. Let’s get out there and start living life. Let’s rekindle an old friendship, talk to people we normally wouldn’t, make peace with someone with whom we’ve struggled.

When we are out there in the world living loud, the Lord has a way of showing up and sweeping us up for an even bigger adventure.

Maybe we love cleaning our keyboard. Or, we love our time alone with the Lord, whether reading or praying. These things are not bad at all; they are good!

However, if we spend our time expecting the Lord to show up in the confines of our routine, we Gilmore Girls miss out. Moreover, the Lord misses out.

Let’s challenge ourselves to think bigger. Dream bigger. Live bigger. Demand more from Jesus. The Lord has more to offer us than a phone call on a Friday night when we are home with nothing to do. The Lord has more to give our community than the confines of our traditional Christian routines offer.

I feel like Rory sometimes. I want to call up the Lord from a payphone and scream in frustration – “I’m tired of waiting around for you to show up and do something big! I cleaned my keyboard waiting for you last night!”

All the while, the Lord is asking us to get out and do something. Because when we do, He will be leaning against his beat up car, handing us earplugs, and saying with a smile, “Wanna go on another adventure?”

With Great Joy,

Laura Signature Where Faith Grows

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“When we are out there in the world living loud, the Lord has a way of showing up and sweeping us up for an even bigger adventure.”

Laura Lambert
Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time favorite shows. Today, it taught me about faith in a new and unique way. Read all about it over at Where Faith Grows!

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