Disney's Magic Kingdom, Cinderella's Castle, photographed by Laura Lambert, Christian Podcaster and Speaker
Christian blogger, podcaster, and speaker, Laura Lambert
Old City Bank in Boston, MA

About Me

Welcome to Where Faith Grows! I’m so excited for us to go on this journey together as we explore all the areas of our lives where God inspires and moves us. I’m a podcaster, blogger, and speaker. I love exploring all the areas of life where faith can be found and nourished.

To give you a little info on me: I’m a type-A neat freak, frequent traveler, a lover of photography, music, and wellness, and an Alabama native turned Nashvillian. If I really had my dream, I’d be living on the beach somewhere enjoying the sun every day.

I’m a wife to Matt, and a new mother to the adorable Henry. I also claim my two fur babies, Flynn and Hank (most of the time).

I’m passionate about making connections with people and finding joy and faith in the everyday. I think God can be found anywhere we look for him, and I try to choose joy in my every moment.

I would love to hear about the things you are passionate about and where faith is growing for you lately as well: always feel free to join my community and reach out to me if you feel so moved. You can find me on instagram @itslauralambert or drop me an email at laura@1stfaith.com.

Thanks so much for stopping in. I look forward to hearing from you as we go on this adventure together and discover Where Faith Grows.


With great joy,

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Christian blogger, podcaster, and speaker, Laura Lambert

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