Happy Crafting llc equips women to find their creative voice and use it well!

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Laura is a content creator, blogger, and podcaster, based near Nashville, TN. She is wife to Matt, Mom to Henry, and dog-mom to two crazy pups, Flynn and Hank.

Since graduating college with dreams to simply "help people", I've been a school social worker, math teacher, executive assistant at a local music school, and held a few other small jobs in between. I learned one truth about life pretty quick through all that and it's stayed with me since - I can help people doing anything. Finding out what I'm really passionate about turned out to be a bit harder. 

Early in 2020, while everyone was learning to live differently, I found joy in crafting - Matt, my husband, bought me a Cricut for Mother's Day and I was hooked. About a hundred rolls of vinyl later and I've learned something new - when we make space in our lives, God meets us there and allows life, faith, love, joy, and so much more to flourish. I’m now incredibly passionate about teaching women to make space in their own lives to fill their own cups. I adamantly believe that pursuing creativity, joy, and vibrance in our life cultivates an abundance of beauty and fullness - so, I use my platform to help you find your creative voice and use it well! 

about laura lambert

about happy crafting llc

Happy Crafting LLC was born out of my desire to inspire women, especially moms, to find their creative voice and use it well. I think it’s a common problem among mothers and women that we find ourselves filling our lives with activities and tasks that take care of the others in our lives and yet, we are left at the end of the day with an empty cup of our own. I also think too many women don’t see themselves as “crafty” and so think that they can’t be creative. I strive to fill both gaps by using education and inspiration to help women make space in their lives to fill their own cup through crafting.

Happy Crafting is a community that helps you find your creative voice and use it well! 

Happy Crafting LLC currently supports this mission through Tiktok educational videos, a monthly SVG newsletter, the Happy Crafting blog, and our YouTube channel. Be on the lookout for our educational courses coming soon! 

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