by harnessing their worth in Christ, unique voice and talents, and creativity as they create meaningful gatherings, gifts, and stories that they can share with loved ones.

Where Faith Grows equips women to make a lasting community impact

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Laura is a blogger, podcaster, and speaker based near Nashville, TN. She is wife to Matt, Mom to Henry, and dog-mom to two crazy pups, Flynn and Hank.

With a degree in Social Work and certifications in Psychology and Education, Laura is passionate about finding the balance between Faith and science. She also has extensive experience working with at-risk and underserved populations. She loves understanding behavior and God’s design in how we think, process, and respond to life’s challenges and curveballs. She uses this passion to equip women with practical answers and insights into their spiritual and mental health.

An avid Disney fan, frequent traveler, and a lover of photography and music, she likes to stay active and be a part of her local community. She loves making connections with people and finding joy and faith in the everyday. She adamantly believes that God can be found anywhere we look for Him, and utilizes her platform to help women find this truth in order to transform their lives from the inside out.

about laura lambert

about where faith grows

The mission of Where Faith Grows is to inspire and equip women to
become Kingdom Influencers by finding their unique voice, worth, and legacy in Christ. The Where Faith Grows podcast spotlights real faith stories, tools, and tips from women living out their faith all across the country. The Where Faith Grows blog is home to Laura’s experiences, tips, and resources for real life, real faith, and real motherhood. Other current Where Faith Grows projects include a thriving (and very fun!) Tiktok presence, a workbook for women, a Bible study, and several online courses in the works (subscribe to stay up to date on these projects!)

Where Faith Grows also seeks to ardently support women-owned Christian businesses and blogs that inspire faith. Laura utilizes her education background to equip these women for success with tools that are readily available to them. Using courses, videos, blog posts, ad more, Where Faith Grows helps women own their worth and find their voice in order to leave a unique lasting legacy in their communities.

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